Active Malware Protection

Our hosting environment features a plethora of techniques and technologies to mitigate external threat vectors which seek to disable or infiltrate your web presence.

We utilise hardware anti-DDOS mitigation techniques, free SSL certificates to encrypt communication between your customers and your website, active firewalling to prevent bruteforce attacks, and anti-malware detection and alerting systems.

Daily Complete Off-site Backups

Your entire website, and all email accounts are subject to a complete daily backup on our off-site Secure Storage Server. This means your website can be restored from a backup either at your request, or to respond to a catastrpohic failure. Although, we are confident in your website not being catastrophically destroyed through malicious external factors.

The EveDataCore website has been built as a fansite for the popular MMORPG Eve-Online. The premise of the game is an open sandbox environment where almost anything goes. The developers, CCP, saw fit to allow third party developers access to their static database to develop their own applications.

Visit the project if you want to have a closer look.