Active Malware Protection

Our hosting environment features a plethora of techniques and technologies to mitigate external threat vectors which seek to disable or infiltrate your web presence.

We utilise hardware anti-DDOS mitigation techniques, free SSL certificates to encrypt communication between your customers and your website, active firewalling to prevent bruteforce attacks, and anti-malware detection and alerting systems.

Daily Complete Off-site Backups

Your entire website, and all email accounts are subject to a complete daily backup on our off-site Secure Storage Server. This means your website can be restored from a backup either at your request, or to respond to a catastrpohic failure. Although, we are confident in your website not being catastrophically destroyed through malicious external factors.

The EveDataCore website has been built as a fansite for the popular MMORPG Eve-Online. The premise of the game is an open sandbox environment where almost anything goes. The developers, CCP, saw fit to allow third party developers access to their static database to develop their own applications.

Visit the project if you want to have a closer look.

Wordpress is an extremely popular blogging CMS which is reported to be running 15 million websites across the entire web. Technorati reports that 8% of the Top 100 blogs are managed by Wordpress, with a marketshare of between 50-60% of the Content Management System market (making it the most popular CMS of them all). reports, in 2014 18 million blogs were launched with 555 million posts published and 670 million comments made on blog posts. That's a lot of traffic being sent through just the hosted platform!

There are also 5,194 known Wordpress Core, Plugin and Theme vulnerabilities which could not only affect hosted, but also self hosted installations. This presents an incredible attack vector for malicious actors to infect customers, employees and visitors to your websites.

Joomla is an immensely popular and also complex Content Management System which has been actively developed for well over a decade. We have been developing in Joomla for many years and have seen how some websites become infected with malware, or even actively exploited through poor update and patch management procedures.

We provide a Joomla Security Audit which uses very similar techniques as the hackers themselves to identify and expose vulnerabilities. Except we as the auditor will disclose to you the vulnerability in our assessment and recommend a course of action to prevent further exploitation.