The EveDataCore is a project run by McHughTech which seeks to integrate vast volumes of data from the EVE Online Universe into a web based application. This application requires high-speed data read / writes from a number of sources, which include (but not limited to): Player submitted Intel, CCP CREST Interface, CCP XML API and External Data Sources.

 EveDataCore - Kill Mails by Ship ClassTo achieve the data availability and expandability required we began exploring the implementation of clustered MySQL instances. Initially we were settled on dedicated VPS instances for database management, however we quickly came up against processor and memory constraints.

From there we began investigating Master-Slave and Master-Master MySQL servers. The implementation of Master-Slave behind a load balancer became an issue when it came to integrating in the Joomla! CMS. However a Master-Master implementation behind a HAProxy Load Balancer fit the bill perfectly.

At present the MySQL Cluster has been performing strongly and maintaining integrity with very little DBA intervention required.

If you are interested in experiencing how the EveDataCore project is performing, head over to