We have just recently completed an integration for a customer which involved supplementing their JS Jobs listings with relevant jobs from the Indeed API service. This now allows the client to operate their JS Jobs website as normal, and where a predetermined number of jobs are not available within the category, this modification will supplement the displayed jobs in a transparent manner.


Initially it was intended for this be done as a modification to the JS Jobs component, however on closer inspection of the update history the developer still releases periodic updates for their application. For this reason we needed to come up with a plan which did not involve local database storage, complied with the Indeed API Terms of Service, and allowed the client some flexibility and assurances that updates would not override their bespoke modification.

We opted to develop this enhancement into the Templates Override system. This allowed us to extend the style and utilise some of the Joomla Core functionality at the presentation layer of the CMS. The resulting product once testing was completed, was a successful integration with the Indeed API and the JS Jobs component.