Organic Search Traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing are extremely important for websites attracting new visitors, especially where the website content is continuously being generated.

In days of old a search engine would need to notified to come and index a website, now it is done through sitemaps. But who has the time to generate sitemaps everytime their website is updated?


This is where MT Sitemaps comes into the picture!

We have developed a sitemap generator which is operated programatically and automatically to generate new sitemaps and remove dead links from the existing files.

Instead of generating URLs from the internal database, this is an independent web spider, built into your Joomla installation which acts just like a real web spider, except you have complete control over it's operation!


Set it to index every day, week, month or even hour if you want. And when the indexing has completed, a batch of Sitemaps are generated... and it notifies Google and Bing for those new updates.

A few days later you will start to notice the web crawler getting into the deep dark recesses of your website!


Best of all... It's free. Everyone should be maintaining Sitemaps, which is why we made it.